Auto Start Type

The “Auto Start” button is used to control the activation of the sequence leading to the activation of the tree. The available options are Auto, Manual Start, and On Track Activation. The hot key assigned to this function is “F12”.

Auto is the default setting and once Race Control Ready is activated the system looks to see if either lane is staged. If none then the auto start timer is started as soon as the first driver breaks their stage beam. This isn’t ideal as the driver will be quick treed in most cases. Ideally Race Control Ready is activated once one or both lanes are staged and ready. If a single lane is staged at the time of Race Control Ready activation, then the system assumes this is a single pass, starts the auto start timer and once the participating lane crosses the finish line the system immediately moves to a “display results” status where the win lights flash for the winning lane.

However if both lanes are staged then the system assumes it’s a dual lane race and carries on as such. The Auto setting is useful for not having to manually switch back and forth between settings explicitly stating the amount of lanes participating. The scoreboards aren’t updated nor are the win lights shown until the “display results” status is active, which happens after the system thinks the race is over. If it’s assuming there’s two participants but the second never crosses the finish line then it doesn’t know when the race is finished.

The next available option is Manual. The manual setting assumes both lanes are ready and participating regardless of their staged status. The auto start timer is immediately activated as soon as Race Control Ready is activated. This option can be useful in situations where there’s some reason a car can’t stage but can still participate and trip at least the guard and finish line beams.

On Track Activation is the third option. It presents the opportunity for a driver to be able to throw the tree using a foot pedal activated microswitch. Subsequent presses of the foot pedal will reset the system status.